Before we get started, I hope these words find you well and you are keeping safe during these strange days. It's funny how a global pandemic brings communities together and I hope all readers and writers within my small sphere are keeping safe, staying indoors and riding out this virus.

It's been a while since I've done a writing update and with the aforementioned pandemic currently in full swing, my plan for this year has been completely turned on it's head. Events have been cancelled. Book releases pushed back and worst of all, I haven't been writing... I suppose the sudden loss of routine, anxiety and a fear for loved ones played a major role in that... however... during self-isolation, I have managed to get a few projects organized and now plan to release two books this year through my own publishing imprint; Uafás Press.


Foreword by Philip Fracassi

First up... I'm delighted to announce the title of my new Icelandic horror novel. Cover artwork and pre-order details for both paperback and eBook will be posted during the summer months, with a release date set for sometime during Winter 2020.


When a young woman goes missing near the sleepy Icelandic village of Vík, police inspector John Ward wants to cancel the Northern Lights Festival after his sole witness describes the kidnapper as a “Shadow”. However, police commissioner Kári Ingason overrules him, fearing the loss of tourist revenue will cripple the village. Scientist Rakel Atladóttir and her peculiar assistant Rúnar offer to help Ward investigate the disappearance, plunging the trio into a fight for survival, with the fate of humanity in jeopardy against a malevolent cosmic horror…​

I'm hoping readers of cosmic and Lovecraftian horror enjoy this one. More updates in the coming weeks...


Next up is The Mongrel. I'm re-issuing my 2018 novella in the coming weeks. Both paperback and eBook editions will include new artwork and a bonus short story which takes place in the same universe as the novella and will pave the way for The Mongrel: Part II (which is set for release in 2021). If you haven't read The Mongrel yet, I would recommend waiting for the Uafás Press edition to get introduced to my Splatterpunk Award nominated spin on werewolf fiction.

“O’Connor has given us a story full of life, love, hope, and fear, which takes us to the darkest chambers of our hearts. A bold new voice in horror fiction that shines like a diamond in a midnight sky above a dark sea of mediocrity. He gives me hope for the genre.”

Ben Eads

Author of Cracked Sky and Hollow Heart

“The Mongrel is fast, creepy, tense. This is a no-brainer five star read that acts as a reminder of the continuous stream of literary talent Ireland has to offer.”

Ginger Nuts of Horror



And finally... I'm happy to announce my latest giveaway. I'm offering a signed, hardback copy of my novel, Weeping Season. To be in with a chance to win, all you have to do is post a link to this blog post on either your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (make sure to tag me so I can add you into the draw) and let your followers know about The Blackening. As always, those who have signed up for my newsletter are automatically entered into the draw, which will take place on Saturday the 18th of April and the winner will be announced on my website.

That's it for now, stay safe and stay at home.


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