Happy to announce my story “Wolf Hill” will be in the next edition of Phantasmagoria Magazine, which also features Richard Chizmar, Randy Broecker and Ramsey Campbell. Available from Forbidden Planet Belfast and Amazon next month.


Greetings, Following on from it's reveal by the Night Worms earlier this week, I'm delighted to share the front cover from my new cosmic horror novella, The Blackening... Available from Friday the 13th of November 2020 eBook & Paperback Foreword by Philip Fracassi Artwork from Boz Mugabe SYNOPSIS When a young woman goes missing near the sleepy Icelandic village of Vík, police inspector John Ward wants to cancel the Northern Lights Festival after his sole witness describes the kidnapper as a “Shadow”. However, police commissioner Kári Ingason overrules him, fearing the loss of tourist revenue will cripple the village. Scientist Rakel Atladóttir and her peculiar assistant Rúnar offer to help