Greetings, Following on from last night's message from the Irish government, it is believed that Covid-19 will cause serious economic damage to many communities and businesses around Ireland and the fall out will be massive. As I writer, I want to help independent book shops in Ireland as much as possible during this challenging time. So, if the shop management / owners are interested; I'd be happy to provide paperback copies of my books with all profit from sales going to the shop in an effort to help recover, keep stores open and kick start local communities. I will also offer to make an in-store reading to help boost sales. Fell free to contact me through my website or any of my socia


Greetings, As I'm sure you are all aware, we are currently in the middle of a crisis. COVID-19 has spread around the globe and is now on our doorsteps with governments and health services struggling to contain the outbreak. Sporting events and St. Patrick's Day parade have been cancelled here in Ireland and it's looking likely now that workplaces and schools will be ordered to close in the next few days. As a result of this outbreak, I believe every individual has a personal responsibility to ensure that they take preventative measures from spreading the virus around their communities. While for healthy people, it seems, the worst of it will come in the form of a very bad flu, but others w


Greetings... As some of you know, before I ventured into the world of writing fiction, I played bass in a band called, Venus Sleeps... During this time (around 2015ish...) I also wrote album reviews for The Sleeping Shaman. The Shaman was my go to place over the years for the newest releases, festival updates and all things heavy and thankfully the Shaman has risen from the ashes... I'm delighted to announce that I have rejoined the Shaman's tribe of learned brethren to help spread the word of rock. I'm looking forward to reviewing, interviewing and writing articles for my favorite webzine. If you're a fan of heavy music and all that goes with it, I suggest you follow The Shaman on social me