August 2021

A collection of experimental fiction ranging from creepy horror to powerful explorations of the human mind... ...In Aerials, strange antennas dot the landscape from out of nowhere and a tech worker’s sister has been found dead, trusting her into a race against time to discover the truth before lies become fact… ...Down Below is a story about a boy who stumbles upon a dark family secret beneath the garden shed. A secret his father would do anything to keep buried… ...Seven Years Gone is a creepy tale of loss and suffering in which a train driver struggles to overcome haunting visions of his dearly departed... ...In The Obsessed, a young girl is infatuated with the older man next door. However, her dream crush has a lust that she will never be able to quench — unless she acquires a similar appetite…

“The stories in O'Connor's strong debut Collection offer the reader a guided tour of the secret sins and obsessions lurking behind the doors of contemporary Ireland. Unfolding with the patient pace of novels, these stories draw the reader into a world where there really is something in the garden shed, there really is something sinister going on with those new cell phone antennas, and there really is something deeply wrong with the neighbour you've been spying on. Visceral, compelling, Keening Country packs a considerable punch.

Read it and keep your eyes peeled for O'Connor's next work.”

John Langan

Author of Children of the Fang and Other Genealogies


“Toe-curlingly nasty, be sure not to eat before reading!”

Gemma Amor

Bram Stoker Award nominated author of Dear Laura


“Creepy, brimming with shudders, harrowing, and unforgettable, O'Connor is the master of skin-crawling horror whose characters continue to haunt your sleep long after you’ve turned the final page. Definitely not for the swoon-brigade!”

Nuzo Onoh

Author of The Sleepless




November 2020

When a young woman goes missing near the sleepy Icelandic village of Vík, police inspector John Ward wants to cancel the Northern Lights Festival after his sole witness describes the kidnapper as a “Shadow”. However, police commissioner Kári Ingason overrules him, fearing the loss of tourist revenue will cripple the village. Scientist Rakel Atladóttir and her peculiar assistant Rúnar offer to help Ward investigate the disappearance, plunging the trio into a fight for survival, with the fate of humanity in jeopardy against a malevolent cosmic horror…

Foreword by

Philip Fracassi

A feast of good old-fashioned horror, with conflicted characters,

a gooey monster, and plenty of blood and guts.
Tim Waggoner

Author of The Forever House & Bram Stoker Award Winner


“I enjoyed the well-drawn characters, people with real flaws and fears, and loved the setting around the caves of Vik, Iceland.

If you like traditional horror, stories that are scary, fun and even a bit pulpy, The Blackening is for you!”
Michael Griffin

Author of Armageddon House & Shirley Jackson Award Nominee


“Bottom line, O’Connor is a master of creating fantastic entertainment.

Stories with monsters, yes, but the stories also have heart!”

Philip Fracassi

Award-winning author of Behold the Void




September 2019

In the spirit of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone comes Weeping Season — an unsettling, suspenseful chiller that leaves you gasping for breath...

A group of strangers wake up in a cold isolated forest with no memory of anything before their arrival. Lost, hungry and wandering aimlessly, they are summoned to a campsite by a remote entity who controls their fate through a series of tortuous objectives. Their only hope for survival is either escape from the psychological game reserve, known as Block 18, or face mortality at the hands of its maniacal moderator, who loves nothing more than watch his participants suffer.

“Fast, thrilling, and brutal, Weeping Season leaves you gasping for breath.

O'Connor's prose is sharp and lean, and he has a great eye for the grisly.  Thoroughly recommended.”
Tim Lebbon
New York Times bestselling author of The Silence


“I often wonder what it would be like to go back in time and say, ‘I reviewed/just read the debut title from author Stephen King…or Dean R. Koontz…or Ramsey Campbell…or Peter Straub…or Anne Rice’… The opportunity to be there from ground zero with a work from a writer bound for stardom in their field is a great feather in the cap of a reader or reviewer — the chance to claim you were there from the start. That is exactly how I felt while reading Weeping Season.”

“O'Connor has a knack for writing a narrative that is so smooth and fluid, I forget that I'm reading and not watching.

There were scenes in this book that terrified me to my core.”
Sadie Hartmann
NightWorms, Cemetery Dance & Scream Magazine



October 2018

Stranded deep in the mountains,

Erin Greene finds herself in a battle for survival against the extreme cold.

Heavily pregnant and alone, the clock is ticking and giving birth isn’t her only fear,

for there is something sinister lurking in the dark hills...

And it is hungry…



“Vivid, unflinching, evocative, and original, O'Connor's work

heralds the arrival of an important voice in horror fiction,

one to which you would do well to listen.”

Kealan Patrick Burke

Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Turtle Boy, KIN and Sour Candy


“O’Connor has given us a story full of life, love, hope, and fear, which takes us to the darkest chambers of our hearts.

A bold new voice in horror fiction that shines like a diamond in a midnight sky above a dark sea of mediocrity.

He gives me hope for the genre.”
Ben Eads
Author of Cracked Sky and Hollow Heart


“The Mongrel is fast, creepy, tense.

This is a no-brainer five star read that acts as a reminder of the continuous stream of literary talent Ireland has to offer.”
Ginger Nuts of Horror