Dublin's most famous bookstore Under a full moon, in Dublin City, a unique event took place. This event was a simple book launch and although this kind of event is not uncommon in this city, it was, however, unique in the sense that it was my debut book's launch night and also the birth of an Irish werewolf novella. The event was hosted in one of the oldest and most famous bookstores in Dublin HODGES FIGGIS In attendance was a collective of creative minds such as; Writers, Artists, Musicians and a photographer with a keen eye. For me, to launch my debut book in this particular location was a big deal. I watched family, friends, strangers, well wishers and curious wanderers mingle and mix ove


The Mongrel was reviewed by The Horror Club. What is The Horror Club? A website dedicated to all things horror. We hope to entertain you with writer showcases that include interviews. We will have film reviews, features and so on. All so you can enjoy the feast of horror! We hope that you find frightening things on this site, but in an entertaining way I’ve always said that reading and reviewing debut works can be tricky. The reason is that the author intends to focus on being over-descriptive (style over substance) in the way that they tell the story, and as a result, the core essence can get lost. It’s something they learn to master as their career progresses. When it comes to Sean O’Conno