Greetings! It's been a while since my last update...

I have been busy behind the scenes getting THE BLACKENING ready for launch. And tonight, I'm happy to announce that the pre-order link for signed & inscribed paperback copies is now live! PRE-ORDER HERE

Orders will begin shipping worldwide from Monday the 16th of November 2020. (Please allow for delays due to Covid19 restrictions)

For eBook fans, unfortunately, you'll have to wait until the official release date... This is due to me making a mistake with Amazon and now have been suspended from using pre-ordering for 12 months. Stupid, but it is what it is. When it can be ordered, I'll be sure to spread the word via my newsletter and social media. Advanced Review Copies have begun going out into the wild... I'll post reviews as they come in, but for now, if you still need some convincing on whether you'll like this book, maybe these blurbs will do the trick.

“I’ve been scared of the dark before but never my own shadow… until now!

The Blackening will leave you empty.”

Glenn Parker

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“I enjoyed the well-drawn characters, people with real flaws and fears, and loved the setting around the caves of Vik, Iceland. If you like traditional horror, stories that are scary, fun and even a bit pulpy, The Blackening is for you!” Michael Griffin Author of Armageddon House & Shirley Jackson Award Nominee

“A feast of good old-fashioned horror, with conflicted characters, a gooey monster, and plenty of blood and guts.” Tim Waggoner Bram Stoker Award-winning author

“From the literal monsters that lurk inside dark Icelandic caves, to the monsters of our pasts haunting our daily lives, the darkness stalking the pages of The Blackening claw at you from chapter one, dragging the reader on a journey of unrelenting horror and never letting go until the very end. A book that will definitely make you think twice about ever giving spelunking a try.” Marie McWilliams Author of Broken Mirrors

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