The moon last night in Irish skies has been dubbed a SUPER WOLF BLOOD MOON as it was the first full moon in January - and a super moon! In ancient times, people believed that this moon signaled an apocalypse! Unfortunately for me, clouds covered the sky and I didn't get to see it... But, I’m viewing it as an end to the promotional side of things for The Mongrel... It’s been a busy few months online and behind the scenes. The Mongrel has received all sorts of reviews from Ireland, UK, Canada and the United States. I found the difference in opinions and feedback fascinating! Overall, I am blown away by the Horror community, from readers, reviewers and fellow scribblers, all of whom deserve a m


Happy belated New Year, folks. 2018 was an excellent year for me as I finally got my debut book out into the big bad world. Thanks to everyone who has bought, read, reviewed and supported my work. I'm delighted with the feedback so far and now I can look at 2019 with excitement. Over Christmas, I received a lot of private messages from people asking to buy the directly from me. After having a think about this, I've decided to launch my own webstore, where readers can now buy signed copies of my books and also get cheaper shipping rates than what are currently on offer from Amazon, etc. My webstore can be found by clicking the STORE button my website. The Mongrel was reviewed by the Night Wor