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Greetings & Salutations,

At long last, I'm pleased to announce and reveal the cover for my new book, Keening Country.

A four story collection of experimental fiction ranging from creepy horror to powerful explorations of the human mind... ...In Aerials, strange antennas dot the landscape from out of nowhere and a tech worker’s sister has been found dead, trusting her into a race against time to discover the truth before lies become fact… ...Down Below is a story about a boy who stumbles upon a dark family secret beneath the garden shed. A secret his father would do anything to keep buried… ...Seven Years Gone is a creepy tale of loss and suffering in which a train driver struggles to overcome haunting visions of his dearly departed... ...In The Obsessed, a young girl is infatuated with the older man next door. However, her dream crush has a lust that she will never be able to quench — unless she acquires a similar appetite…

eBook, Paperback and Hardback editions will be available to buy from all major online retailers on Friday the 13th of August.

Keening Country is also available to be added to your "To Be Read" pile on Goodreads HERE and I have digital copies (PDF, ePUB and MOBI) available for Advanced Review. If you're interested in a copy for your review, blog or book club, please feel free to reach out to me HERE. And that's it from me for now. I will be sending out another newsletter around the release date with sales links, signed copies and an exclusive newsletter giveaway. Until then, stay safe and enjoy some early praise for my debut Collection...

“The stories in O'Connor's strong debut Collection offer the reader a guided tour of the secret sins and obsessions lurking behind the doors of contemporary Ireland. Unfolding with the patient pace of novels, these stories draw the reader into a world where there really is something in the garden shed, there really is something sinister going on with those new cell phone antennas, and there really is something deeply wrong with the neighbour you've been spying on. Visceral, compelling, Keening Country packs a considerable punch. Read it — and keep your eyes peeled for O'Connor's next work.”

John Langan

Author of Children of the Fang and Other Genealogies

“Keening Country is a collection of novelettes that dually produce horrific chills and admiration for the style that pervades all four tales. There is a running theme throughout each story involving characters seeking some form of escape — from their home, lives, current circumstances, even from this world. The collection rings with personal and visceral chills and imagery that call to mind classic short-story collections like Stephen King’s NIGHT SHIFT and Clive Barker’s THE BOOKS OF BLOOD. O’Connor has proven his ability to master horror in the short form, not an easy thing to do, and the end result is a must-read collection for the true horror connoisseur.”

Ray Palen, Hell Notes


“At times shocking, though unique, with shades of

David Cronenberg thrown in for good measure.”

Phantasmagoria Magazine


“Toe-curlingly nasty, be sure not to eat before reading!”

Gemma Amor

Bram Stoker Award nominated author of Dear Laura

“Creepy, brimming with shudders, harrowing, and unforgettable, O'Connor is the master of skin-crawling horror whose characters continue to haunt your sleep long after you’ve turned the final page. Definitely not for the swoon-brigade!”

Nuzo Onoh

Author of The Sleepless


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